Give credit where credit is due

Much of what you’ll find in this web site I developed myself from hard-fought trial and error, research, and corroborative testing. But I really can’t take credit.  

I’m standing on the shoulders of giants.  

I’ve taken the brilliant research of those that came before me and found what applies to acne sufferers… finding what works through testing and then “tweaking” it to amplify the results for acne sufferers.

So I don’t take credit for most of what you find here.  I give credit to those researchers that came before me who are a whole lot smarter than I.  

Of special mention is Weston Price.  While I don’t agree with everything he has to say, he’s one of the only researchers who started with the premise of studying healthy cultures rather then studying disease.  And that is why I believe he was able to come up with so many practical solutions that work.  (If health is important to you I suggest reading everything he has published.)

To those researchers, thank you for taking the time and effort to conduct your research and publish it for the benefit of those that followed you. Continue »

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