The little-known hormonally balancing cofactors no one has told you about (until now)

What if you could take those whacked out hormones that are running a muck, all out of balance, causing you all kinds of problems…

… what if you could get them to settle down, play nice, and behave themselves?

Well, you’re about to learn about some rarely understood nutrients that do just that.  But to understand what they are all about you need to understand a bit more about how your body regulates hormones.

How your body regulates hormones

Your endocrine system is what makes hormones.  However your body has natural systems for governing and regulating how much of those hormones your endocrine system makes and filters from your blood.  Your liver is one of them (through a process of conjugation).

But there is also a set of hormone regulators.  They determine to a large extent the hormones in your system.  These hormone regulators you can think of as hormone pre-cursors in a way.

These hormone pre-cursors are made from fat.

Yes you heard me… FAT.  But not just any fat…

Different hormone pre-cursors are made from different kinds of fat.  Some of these hormone pre-cursors promote inflammation in your system.  Some reduce inflammation.

Too much of the wrong fats will cause your body to make these hormone pre-cursors that inflame your acne.  However the right fats actually do the opposite, adding to natural hormonal balance and anti-inflammatory, anti-acne effects.

But here’s the trouble…

This special fat that’s seems to play the most significant role in balancing hormones for acne sufferers is almost non-existent in the standard diet.

What is it?

It’s a fat know as GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). GLA has strong hormonal balancing properties.  Using it along with EFA fats, vitamin A and the vitamin A boosters we covered you should see a significant improvement with your acne.

The best concentrated food source of GLA is evening primrose oil and borage oil.

Grass-fed butter also has some GLA.  But not in the high concentrations of primrose and borage oil.  Interesting to note grain-fed animal fat and butter from grain-fed cows does not have GLA.  This is another reason you want grass-fed animal fats if you can get them.

Just a teaspoon a day is all you need to get the hormonally balancing benefits.

By adding this simple nutrient along with the other nutrients you’re already taking you should see a significant improvement in your acne in less then a week.

However, that’s just one step. You’re also going to need to make some dietary adjustments.  And take a few additional steps to corrects some of the internal problems that are eventually manifesting as acne on your skin.

Starting with these key nutrients is the first place to start.  And now you have a solid understanding of how to do just that.

Next well cover how to put it all together in a workable program…Continue »

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