The magic mineral that helps stabilized hormones and is critical for smooth, healthy skin

What if there was a nutrient that not only played a significant role in stabilizing your hormones but also gives you smooth skin and anti-stress properties.  Would this be something that would help your acne condition?  You bet.

What is it?

It’s the second most abundant mineral in your body.

It is necessary for the body to convert short-chain fatty acids into longer chain fatty acids.  Essential fatty acids play critical roles in hormonal balance.  It’s also critical for your body to construct smooth skin.

So you can see why it is a key mineral for acne sufferers.

What is it?  Magnesium, that’s what.

Magnesium is found in food sources such as whole grains, seeds, and nuts. However, those foods in excess aren’t a good idea for acne sufferers for reasons we’ve covered.

Anything with chlorophyll will be a good source of magnesium for acne sufferers.  Chlorophyll is the part of any plant that makes it green.

My preferred food source of magnesium for acne sufferers is dark green leafy vegetables.

However, here’s the problem….

The green leafy vegetables only have as much magnesium in them as was in the soil they grew in.  But after years of farming the soil without replacing the mineral base becomes depleted, and as a result the plant become void of minerals.

Because of this I feel it is very hard to get enough magnesium from food sources alone.  This is another mineral I feel you are going to need to supplement with from a quality absorbable source.

Common supplemental forms of magnesium include:
  • sulphate
  • oxide
  • citrate
  • carbonate
  • bicarbonate
  • chloride.  
These forms I feel are not absorbed that well.  Chelated forms are better bets.  These include:
  • alpha-ketogluconate
  • aspartate
  • glycinate
  • lysinate
  • orotate
  • taurate
However I feel the most bio-available form are the effervescent from of these chelates.  Effervescent forms are generally found in a powder from that reacts with water “fizzing”.

Don’t take magnesium in a pill.  It has been my experience they simply do not absorb well.  The effervescent forms are what are best absorbed.

Now magnesium is a strong alkalizer (which is a very good thing).  Because of this you must take it on an empty stomach.  If you take it on a full stomach it will dilute the acidity of your stomach digestive juices and hinder digestion.

So take it on an empty stomach.  Because it is very relaxing the best time to take it is before you go to bed.  It will help you sleep.  And alkalize your blood while you sleep.

Here’s on last thing you need to know about magnesium.  Magnesium has a tendency to loosen the bowel.  Too much magnesium will cause diarrhea.  So if you’re getting diarrhea then you need to lower your dose and/or choose a better absorbed form.

So we’ve covered the core vitamins and nutrients for acne sufferers must have to overcome their acne condition naturally.

You now understand what they are, how they work, and the best concentrated food sources for acne sufferers.  You know the dose you need and how to combine them to create synergistic, anti-acne effects.

Next will cover what I believe is one of the most important nutrient for hormonal balance (needless to say acne)…Continue »

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