Putting together a workable program

So there you have it.  Years of research distilled into just a minutes.  You now understand the core nutrients and where to get them.  Now how do you fit this all together in a program that works for you?

What is critical that you understand is that these vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals work together.  They don’t work in isolation.  So you need to get them all in your diet to create the anti-acne effects we are shooting for.  Please re-read that.  It’s important…

To summarize…

You need the following foods and nutrients daily:
  • Vitamin A (cod liver oil, and grass-fed butter)

  • Zinc (zinc monomethionate)

  • Vitamin E (red palm oil, wheat germ oil)

  • Magnesium (green leafy vegetables, effervescent magnesium supplements)

  • GLA (primrose oil, borage oil, grass-fed butter)

The best way to make this work is to add them to foods.  However cod liver oil should NOT be added to any hot foods.  This is because the heat will oxidize the oil.  

Cod liver oil can be added on top of salads, in raw yogurt, in raw kefir, in low sugar smoothies (avoid fruit juice smoothies at all costs… they will aggravate your acne… we will cover why in later reports).

You can also take it straight.  If you get quality, non-rancid EFAs it should taste just fine.  Take 1-2 tablespoons per day.  Split up your dose 2 times a day for best absorption.

Butter should be an easy one for you.  Add it to foods.  Use it as a spread.  But avoid eating too much bread and butter for reason I’ll cover later.  I personally like to add it to soups.

Just be sure to keep a rough track of your butter dose so you know you’re getting a consistent amount daily.

Some evidence suggests that cod liver oil and butter work synergistically together.  In other words you’ll get a greater benefit taking them together then separately.

I believe this to be the case, but I need to do more research to confirm it.

I would suggest give it a try.  Eat them together or in proximity to each other if you can.  But don’t add cod liver oil to piping hot foods (nothing hotter then body temperature).

Red palm oil has a strong flavor.  I use it as a spread, bake with it, add it to soups, or even add it to tea. Again just be sure you are getting a consistent dose.  Measure and keep track of your dose.

Zinc should generally be taken with food.  It is best if you split up your dose 2 times a day.

Take your effervescent magnesium on an empty stomach before you go to bed and/or first thing in the morning.

Animal broths are also recommended to get these fat-soluble nutrients.  However, that much broth is not as readily available on a daily basis (unless you have access to plenty of animal bones).  This makes a good, quick, potent source of the nutrition you need to combat this acne problem.

Be sure that you measure and keep track of your dose.  You’ll find that an effective dose of vitamin A and EFA fats like fish oils and GLA will vary significantly from person to person.  You need to play with this a bit and find the dose your body likes best.

Good indicators are your hair, skin, and nails.  Those tell you a bunch about what is going on internally.  You should see a difference right away if you’re digesting and absorbing well.  If you don’t see any difference try increasing your dose.

Keep an eye out for any vitamin A toxicity symptoms if your dose gets too high.  But because you are getting your vitamin A from whole-food sources I don’t really think it’s going to be a problem.  Just be aware of the potential.

On that note, one last thing you need to know about your cod liver oil dose.  Increasing your cod liver oil dose will also increase the need for anti-oxidants in your system.  So don’t go hog wild on it.  Keep it to a few tablespoons a day.  If you increase your dose be sure to also increase your intake of the anti-oxidant rich foods we just discussed.

All the BAD STUFF I Never Told You About

These critical nutrients help so much with hormonal balance. But The BAD NEWS is there are other factors that could be messing up all the good stuff these nutrients do.

Yep, sorry, but that’s the reality.

There are some foods that cause hormonal floods, really messing up your hormones (despite the hormonally balancing nutrients you could be taking).

There are some food additives that destroy the all important hormonally balancing EFAs… and more.

In addition to that there’s some metabolic "switches" that are flipped the wrong way inside you. These metabolic switches are really messing with your hormones (the good news is you can flip them back to what they should be if you know what you are doing).

Would you like to know how to fix ALL these problems and be acne-free for good?

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