Understanding the vitamin / acne relationship – The basics

So that what you’re about to learn all makes sense there are a few basics you’ve got to get straight.  Understand the basics first and the rest of what you learn will make loads more sense.

How vitamins relate to acne

First let me be straight up, it’s going to take more than just vitamins to solve your acne problem.  But make no mistake about it certain key vitamins play a critical role in not only healthy skin but hormonal balance (needless to say acne).

Understanding how vitamins factor in to the acne equation is an important step to overcoming your acne problem naturally.

To understand the relationship you need to understand a bit more about what’s causing your acne.

The cause of acne

After years of research and the loads and loads of testing there are some pretty strong indicators that suggest these are the primary factors…

Androgenic hormones – The primary factor causing your acne to flare 

Androgenic hormones in excess to what your body’s natural hormonal regulating system can handle causes acne to flaring in acne prone individuals.  

I think you’ll agree with me when I say balancing androgenic hormones are going to be key to solving your acne problem.  

But balancing the production of androgenic hormones isn’t as obvious as it may seem.  There are 2 sides to this equation you’ve got to consider…

The 2 sides to the androgenic hormones and acne equation

To maintain hormonal balance your body must do two things:

  1.  Your body must make hormones in balance.
  2.  Your body must “deactivate” and filter from your bloodstream excess and “used” hormones.

Number one is obvious, and you’ll soon learn how to do that.  But number two…, well, most don’t think about it.  And few understand how to do it (and that’s why they suffer acne).

You see your body can make hormones in perfect balance.  But if your body doesn’t also “deactivate” (conjugate through liver pathway) and get out of your bloodstream these hormones after they have served their biological function these hormones and hormone by-products build up causing chronic hormonal imbalance…

…All of which leads to all kinds of hormonally related problems (the most visible of which is acne).

So to enjoy acne-free skin naturally you’ve got to make sure your body not only makes hormones in balance but also those hormones are “deactivated” and excreted from you internal system quickly.

So what does that have to do with vitamins for acne?

More then you realize.

You see the right vitamins used with the right little-known cofactors can play a significant role in hormonal balance.

To recap…

  1. To solve your acne problem you’ve got to balance your hormones.
  2. To balance your hormones you got to factor in both sides of the hormone equation:
    a) You’ve got to ensure that your body makes hormones in balance to start with.

    b) You’ve got to ensure that your body “deactivates” and filters hormones from your bloodstream quickly and efficiently.

  3. Some key vitamins used with the right little-known hormonally-balancing nutrients can help your body do this.
  4. While the right vitamins will help with your acne, it’s going to take more than just vitamins to solve your acne problem.  But getting the right vitamins along with these little-known hormonally-balancing cofactors in your system is a key first step.

So let’s get started…

To start with we’ll cover the “battle tested”, tried-and-true vitamins that work for acne sufferers.

First will cover:

  1. The vitamins that work for acne sufferers, why, and how they work.

  2. What are the ideal whole-food sources of these key nutrients… (In most cases pills are not the most ideal way to get these vitamins.  You’ll soon understand why.)

  3. What the dose and form you need to get them in to create the anti-acne effects you want…

  4. How to maximize absorption and amplify their anti-acne effects…

  5. How to us them synergistically for maximum benefit…

For this to work you’ve gotta get the whole picture…

These nutrients don’t work in isolation.  They work together.  Be sure to review each report so you understand how they all fit together.

Now that you have the basics down lets get started with…

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