The mineral nearly every acne sufferer is chronically deficient in and how that deficiency is messing up their hormones

Next to vitamin A the mineral zinc has got to be the next most important nutrient for acne sufferers.


It seems acne sufferers are chronically deficient in general in this mineral. After reviewing loads of research and testing it one thing is for sure…

…Zinc is a vital mineral for acne sufferers.

Why it helps is up for debate.  Although those doing the studies I don’t think “get it”.  All they know is that it seems to work.

Why it works?  Well first off its compounds the absorption of vitamin A.  And you already know just how important vitamin A is for acne sufferers.

I believe it is a key factor for enzyme activity in the body (300 or so).  Among those include liver enzymes… The same enzyme system responsible for “deactivating” (also known as conjugation) hormones and filtering them from your system.

So I believe it is key in that aspect of liver function.

Zinc is also plays a key role in EFA absorption.  (More about EFAs and hormones in later reports.)

And it’s an important nutrient for skin and connective tissue repair.  It’s also vital for the immune system.

All of which are important factors for acne sufferers.

The bottom line…

You need zinc, especially if you suffer from acne.

What is zinc?

It’s a mineral found in foods such as oysters, crabs, seafood, beef, eggs, beans, and whole grains.   

But here’s the problem…

The richest sources of zinc, shellfish and seafood, are simply no longer safe to eat.  Because of the burning of coal and other fossil fuels combined with a natural process known as bio-magnification these foods have become loaded with heavy metals.

So how do you get this all important mineral in your diet?  Well, whole-grains aren’t a good source for acne sufferers either (for reasons I’ll cover later).  Eggs and beef are an option but I don’t think you can get the dose from those foods without eating too much (will cover this later to).

For these reasons this is one nutrient for acne sufferers I feel you’re going to need to supplement.  

Supplemental zinc comes in several forms including zinc oxide, zinc citrate, zinc gluconate.

Most of which are not absorbed very well

The ones that I feel is absorbed the best is zinc monomethionate and zinc picolinate.  I would avoid zinc oxide at all costs.

What should be your dose?  Between 30 and 100 mg a day.

Understand even the most absorbable forms can irritate your digestive tract.  So don’t take too much at a time.  You want to spread your dose thru the day.  And generally you’ll want to take zinc with food.

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Here’s what else you need to know….

If you get bowel irritation (diarrhea etc.) stop taking it, lower your dose, or switch to a different source.

Zinc, even just a little too much can be very irritating to your bowel lining.

So that should do it for zinc.  Next up we’ll cover vitamin that works synergistically with vitamin A and zinc compounding their anti-acne properties…Continue »

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